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People all over the world enjoy sports. Whether it is participating or watching, sport is one of the things that can bring people together. Sometimes, however, there are certain sports that can be difficult to view from other countries. A particular sport may not be popular in your country and therefore not be televised or promoted. It could be that the sport was introduced to your country but failed to gain traction with the majority of the public and therefore forgotten or that the airing rights have not been provided to TV stations in the country you are in. 

Often, there are small pockets of fans of a sport that want to watch it but don't know how to gain access to viewing the games whether they be live games or as replays. In Dubai, where sports like soccer, cricket, Formula 1 racing, and horse racing are popular and are extensively promoted and televised, there are fans of what would be considered obscure sports in the country such as Australian Rules football, hockey, rugby, baseball, or volleyball.

If someone is living in Dubai, as a local, an ex-pat or a visitor, they may want to bet on the 2022 State of Origin because of their interest in the series. The first and most obvious aspect of this is that they need to be able to have access to watch the games and make an informed decision on who to bet on. Most people these days own a laptop, PC, iPhone, or Android so that is the go-to for viewing the games and there are many streaming services online that allow you to do just that. Some sites are free with limited options, while some others offer a paid subscription for a more in-depth viewing experience. This means there can be options to watch previous matches and have information about upcoming games and what time they are on, relative to where they are in the world. Formula 1 racing is a good example of this as the races take place all around the world for almost the entire year. If a race takes place in Melbourne, Australia at 12pm for example, then someone in Dubai would need to be aware the race will be taking place at 6am, local time.

The problem is that not all streaming sites will be available in a particular country due to the location. This is frustrating for people who want to be able to view international sports online but are unable to due to their location. The best fix for this is to install a VPN on your device. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and means that you can send and receive information online as if it was directly connected to the home's private network. This means you can get your device to act as if it is another location and therefore bypasses your host country's restrictions. 

Dubai currently has no regulations that prevent the use of VPNs, so it is a perfectly legal way to access sites that would otherwise be unavailable there. The use of VPNs has been a godsend for people interested in international sports and who want to watch them with impunity. The only thing to remember that is if you want to watch a sport live, you have to take into account the time differences.  

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Posted on : Tuesday, June 7, 2022  
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