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Have you tried your hand at online slots before? Do you know what to look for? We have an eye not just for the best slots but also for the key features you want to find in them. By seeking out online slots that fulfil our criteria, you can rest assured that the games you are playing are the very best in the business. Here is everything you need to know about popular online slot games.

A Fair RTP Rate
Always look for a fair RTP rate. For those who don't know what RTP is – it is the amount of each stake made available to be won by players (across all time). For instance, a $1 bet on a game with an RTP rate of 95% will see $0.05 go into the casino's coffers as pure profit, and the other $0.95 made available to be won by all players at any time. The lower the slot RTP, the better. In general, we wouldn't play anything with an RTP of less than 95%, and some can go as high as 98%, which is very prosperous.

Prizes Worth Winning in Relation to Your Stake
Any slot game you intend on playing must have prizes worth pocketing. It is handy to check a slot's paytable before you decide to bet on it. Make sure that the prizes it has available are worth it compared to your stake. For instance, a top jackpot of 100x a bet is nothing when many slots can offer prizes worth thousands of times your stake.

Fab Features Which Don't Cost Extra
There are a host of fab features which should not cost extra for you to enjoy. Most slots work free spins, wilds, scatters, and bonus rounds into the game by default. If you're being asked to pay extra to access them, we will give those games a wide berth. Some players might fancy this, but, in some cases, you're just looking at developers removing standard features and charging you extra for them.

Decent Stake to Payline/Ways to Win Range
How much are you prepared to bet? What about per payline? Why play with a $0.30 stake for thirty paylines when you can play with 243 ways to win for $0.25? It is often the case that the prizes in the thirty-line game will be worth more than the 243-line slot as a way of offsetting the advantage you gain. It isn't always best to play MegaWays slots because they have tens of thousands of lines for $0.25. There is always something to offset a seemingly obvious advantage.

A Moderate Number of Symbols
Finally, we'd only play slot games with high stakes that do not support a wealth of symbols. Think of it this way, the more symbols a slot has, the less likely you are going to win. The more symbols a slot has, the more likely useless symbols will get in the way and block a winning combo. Only play slots that have a “fair” number of symbols in relation to the number of spots available on the reels.


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Posted on : Thursday, June 30, 2022  
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