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A professor was conducting a class in decision making. In his first drill, he picked a student from Georgia.

"Now son," he said, "I want you to tell me the decision you'd make in this situation. You're driving a fully loaded truck down a mountain road at seventy miles an hour. Just as you get close to an oncoming truck, two cars pull out from behind him to pass. You hit the brakes and your brakes go out. On your right side is a five-hundred foot cliff; on your left side in a one thousand food precipice. Now, son, you have three second. What would you do?"

"Well," the boy drawled, "I reckon I'd wake up Leroy."

"Leroy!" the professor exclaimed. "Who's Leroy?"

"Leroy's my relief driver, sir. You see, he's from a small country town and I'd wan to wake him up 'cause he ain't never seen an accident like this before."

Contributed by Rosy Ahmedali

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