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Abu Dhabi, UAE: 22 April 2024 – Since 2007, the UAE Ministry of Finance has played a pivotal role in federal procurement. The introduction of the Digital Procurement Platform in 2021 has radically changed the procurement experience for federal entities and suppliers, aiming to align purchasing policies with the UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025.

Over the past few years, the platform has significantly contributed to connecting federal entities with suppliers, facilitating communication through an integrated network that enhances the transparency of purchasing operations conducted by federal entities. This results from integrating the best technological and commercial practices, hence increasing the importance of the Federal Suppliers Register within the Digital Procurement Platform that connects government entities with suppliers. The number of suppliers registered in the Federal Suppliers Register within the Digital Procurement Platform reached 24,789 in Q1 2024, a notable increase compared to the year 2021 when the register started with 19,669 suppliers, increasing to 21,997 in 2022, and then to 24,418 by the end of 2023.

The UAE Ministry of Finance aims to streamline procurement procedures for federal entities through DPP. This includes expanding the Federal Suppliers Register, reducing the overall process from 60 days to six minutes, introducing new practices such as electronic signatures and online contracts, and involving all stakeholders in the procurement of products or services to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. It also ensures flexibility in responding to market changes and securing competitive prices and offers. A special link on the government procurement platform allows companies to register and update their information electronically, qualifying them to participate in tenders offered by the federal government.


The Federal Suppliers Register aims to simplify the client's journey. The Ministry of Finance has provided a registration service on the homepage of its website to facilitate registration, reduce the number of required attachments, and simplify the procedures of the Federal Suppliers Register. Recently, it launched an updated catalogue of the digital procurement platform, now encompassing 35 categories with more than 120,000 products and services offered by 230 suppliers. The Central Procurement Unit negotiates with these suppliers to secure the best prices for federal entities, benefiting joint work development and facilitating the user experience by pre-emptively knowing and fulfilling their needs, achieving excellence in government services. This aligns with the UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025, the UAE Strategy for Government Services, and other strategies for government services and digital transformation.

The Digital Procurement Platform is also part of the strategic orientations represented by the five major transformational projects of the UAE Ministry of Finance, including the first project, Supply Strategy of the Federal Government, aiming to include new supplier categories in the federal government's supply base to boost the national economy and enhance efforts to expand and diversify the supplier base.

Positive Transformation

Many registered suppliers view the digital platform as a strategic and vital project in the field of digital transformation, particularly in managing federal procurement operations, enhancing the efficiency of government work expenditure, and building effective government-to-government business relationships. The platform has positively transformed efficiency, transparency, expenditure tracking, and spending analysis. It is distinguished by its ability to innovate and evolve continuously to keep up with technological advancements and improve user experience. The platform also supports small and medium enterprises by setting indicators and initiatives to increase contracting with them and ensuring the participation of at least 2-3 SMEs in tenders.

The platform contributes to providing an easy and flexible user experience through a simple user interface design that facilitates navigation and use, reduces complexity, and increases productivity. This helps speed up the procurement process, effect a qualitative transformation in executing and managing purchasing operations, and streamline and accelerate response procedures. Additionally, it has enhanced the governance of procurement procedures.

According to the suppliers in the federal register, the platform has succeeded in promoting automation and electronic catalogues to reduce the time required for purchasing and provide a system with a clear view of transactions and spending analysis to make better financial decisions. Access to purchasing information and suppliers in the system is now easier, immediate, and electronic.

On the other hand, government entities obtaining procurement services find that the platform has enhanced their experience, providing a simplified and easily accessible user experience through simplified documentation. The platform also features a comprehensive catalogue of commonly purchased services, offering all necessary user information, a preliminary delivery schedule, and the ability to navigate among all services. This adds value for the requesting entities by saving time, reducing administrative work, simplifying services, increasing quality, and reducing costs due to the possibility of repeating the same service for different entities.

The platform is also distinguished by tracking sustainability and corporate social responsibility. It integrates tools to track sustainability metrics and social responsibility related to suppliers and procurement activities, aligning with the Ministry of Finance's strategy and vision.

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