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Al Rumaithi: We embody the principles of the ‘Mother of the Nation' with unwavering commitment, sincerity, and sense of responsibility. This is demonstrated by the launch of our social media campaign, “Kindness and Mercy.”

Abu Dhabi, May 16, 2024: Under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, President of the General Women's Union (GWU), Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation and Chairwoman of Motherhood and Childhood Supreme Council, ‘Mother of the Nation', the Family Development Foundation (FDF) hosted the third edition of its Social Media Platform. This event marked the launch of the “Kindness and Mercy” social and media campaign at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

The “Kindness and Mercy” campaign is a testament to the vision and directives of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, embodying her role as the ‘Mother of the Nation.' It aims to introduce purposeful social initiatives and innovative services and programs that actively contribute to fostering family cohesion, reinforcing the social fabric, and strengthening family ties among all members of society. Her Highness firmly believes in the vital role of the family in shaping society and in adopting a comprehensive approach to addressing diverse challenges, thereby upholding core values within the community.

The main goal of the “Kindness and Mercy” campaign is to highlight the significance of marriage as a crucial foundation for societal stability and progress. It seeks to cultivate a positive perspective among youth regarding marriage and the selection of a suitable life partner, nurturing a generation that comprehends the importance of marriage as the cornerstone for building and sustaining a strong family unit. Additionally, the campaign aims to inspire society to change behaviors and social norms that affect marriage for youth.

The Media Platform and the launch of “Kindness and Mercy” campaign witnessed the presence of His Excellency Dr. Mugheer Al Khaili, Chairman of the Department of Community Development - Abu Dhabi, Her Excellency Mariam Mohammed Al Rumaithi, Director General of FDF, Her Excellency Dr. Bushra Al Mulla, Director General of the Family Care Authority, His Excellency Abdulla Al Ameri, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority, Her Excellency Hessa Tahlak, Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development Affairs, Ministry of Community Development, and His Excellency Dr. Yasir Alnaqbi, Director General, GovAcademy, Abu Dhabi Department of Government Enablement. The event was also attended by a number of senior officials, department directors, numerous FDF employees, strategic partners, speakers, youth, and media presenters representatives.

In its third edition, the Media Platform has played a significant role in reflecting social realities and addressing prevalent social issues and needs. Through purposeful and targeted scientific-based media content, the Platform combines effective methods and approaches of media and social influence to keep pace with rapid technological advancements. It discusses various family and community matters with a focus on driving social change, fostering unity in government visions and efforts, and presenting them positively to contribute to the development of an informed society. The platform also raises social concerns that align with the country's objectives.

The media platform moderated by the presenter Ahmed Al Yammahi addressed the ‘social symposium', which focused on key themes such as, ‘Marital Consensus and its Impact on Family Stability,' discussed by H.E. Hessa Tahlak, Assistant Undersecretary for Social Development Affairs, Ministry of Community Development, H.E. Dr. Laila Al Hayas, Executive Director of the Social Monitoring and Innovation Sector at the Department of Community Development - Abu Dhabi, and Wafa Al Ali, Acting Director of Family Development department at FDF. It also addressed ‘Religious Pillar', with a session titled ‘Prophetic Ethics in Encouraging Marriage and Sustaining Marriage Relationship,' which was discussed by Dr. Ahmed Al-Zamil, Chief Preacher at the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments, and Dr. Said Al-Darmaki, Family Mentor, Abu Dhabi Judiciary Department. Besides that, ‘Health Pillar' also featured ‘Positive Health and its Impact on Family Formation,' discussed by Dr Maryam Al-Wahidi, Acting Director of the Community Health Department at the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center

Abdullah AbdulKarim, Acting Executive Director of the News Content Sector at WAM, spoke at another panel session about ‘The role of media in the dissemination of community awareness about family issues' and need for a scientific approach that promotes marriage to address the new practices that the campaign seeks to tackle. From a media perspective, the session also aimed to convey messages to young adults who are preparing for marriage, as well as provide them with meaningful advice to overcome anything that threatens the stability and growth of a family.

‘Mother of the Nation' Messages

Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, ‘Mother of the Nation', conveyed her social messages on the occasion of the Family Development Foundation's introduction of the “Kindness and Mercy” campaign during the third edition of the Social Media Platform. These messages were directed towards various entities, including families and society at large. Below are the messages delivered:

  • My beloved sons and daughters, As a united family, we all share the responsibility of raising awareness about the significance of fostering healthy family dynamics, strengthening community stability, and offering support to those embarking on the journey of marriage. Based on our strong belief that everyone in our society is an asset who contributes to national progress and prosperity.
  • We urge parents to fulfill their role in encouraging their children to build healthy and balanced families. We should promote the values of compatibility and cohesion across generations, thereby harnessing the positive influence of families in supporting population growth. Our duty to our children is to maintain their families to ensure their comfort, stability, and happiness.
  • The people of the UAE, who have consistently demonstrated their commitment to their national identity, have worked tirelessly to improve their quality of life while contributing actively to enhance family stability through tolerance and constructive dialogue.
  • I would like my sons and daughters to be mindful of irrational notions or wasteful behaviors that may hinder your decision to marry or disrupt the harmony within your marriage, thereby threatening the stability of the family. Your family is the cornerstone of generational continuity and human capital formation in our society.
  • To my young children and newlyweds, you should ask for premarital guidance and do not hesitate to seek family counseling from competent authorities when needed. Embrace the wisdom of your parents and learn from their experiences.
  • Engage with supportive programs aimed at strengthening the bonds of love, familiarity, and mutual respect within your families, particularly in the crucial first year of marriage.
  • We also appreciate media outlets for their serious efforts in addressing emerging social issues and promoting community awareness while upholding our Islamic and Arab values. Together, let us strive for the highest levels of family cohesion.
  • Today more than ever, we need to support young people to bring about positive social change in a changing world. I advise my young sons and daughters to marry at a suitable age, positioning themselves closer to their children and contributing to the future of the UAE.
  • Building an open family in a changing world, while adhering to its identity and national affiliation, requires you to build friendship with your children from their earliest and different stages of development. Therefore, I once again urge you to marry at a suitable age to achieve intellectual convergence and social harmony with your children.
  • With the support of our wise leadership, the UAE has made pioneering achievements in the field of women empowerment. I call upon my daughters to strike a balance between their aspirations and their family and societal roles, prioritising marriage and building safe and stable families to ensure sustainable social development for our nation.
  • The ‘Kindness and Mercy' campaign complements all our programs in support of young men and women, who are integral to our society's advancement and our country's future. Let us ensure their well-being and provide them with the necessary tools to navigate marriage, parenthood, and family challenges, thus fostering a stable and prosperous society.
  • We are all confident that the Family Development Foundation is always keen on the valuable approach of our wise leadership. Through our social initiatives, innovative programs, and meaningful campaigns, we have consistently emphasised our tireless pursuit of securing happiness and prosperity for all family members, enriching the quality of life in our nation.

The ‘Kindness and Mercy' campaign was launched in collaboration with key strategic partners including (Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, Abu Dhabi Police, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Community Development, Department of Community Development, Department of Health, Department of Municipalities and Transport - Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, Department of Government Enablement, Abu Dhabi Media Office, Family Care Authority, General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, ADNOC, Authority of Social Contributions - Ma'an, Emirates Schools Establishment, Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority, Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Alef Education, Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities, Abu Dhabi Media Network, Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre , Family Development Department and Branches, as well as UAE Forsan.

Well-established values

During the launch of the campaign, H.E Mariam Mohammed Al Rumaithi, Director General of FDF, started her speech by quoting His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, who said, “The government places a significant value on the family as it is the first school of education and the cornerstone of a robust and stable society. In line with this, its programmes and strategies aim to strengthen family cohesion and empower it to achieve its essential function.” Furthermore, she quoted a statement from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, in which he said: “May God bless your marriage, and may you create a new, cohesive Emirati family that is filled with love and kindness while upholding best morals. May your family serve as the centre of blessings, compassion, and generosity in our community. God be with you.”

H.E stated: “The wisdom shared by Their Highnesses transcend beyond mere moments; they are worthy of thoughtful contemplation. Based on the principles that cherish familial bonds and stability, these words serve as a foundation for fostering healthy and coherent families. Through their guidance, a sophisticated community can be established that is empowered to achieve greatness, contributing meaningfully to the sustainability of our societal fabric and the advancement of our nation.”

Al Rumaithi emphasised that the diligent efforts being made by the Ministry of Community Development across governmental, federal, and local levels, reflect governmental directives aimed at converting challenges into opportunities. Upholding a steadfast belief in the pivotal role of the family as the cornerstone for a unified, inclusive, and secure homeland, the Ministry has implemented numerous policies, legislations and regulations while spearheading visionary initiatives and services. Additionally, she highlighted the vital role played by the Department of Community Development (DCD) - Abu Dhabi, serving as the authoritative entity entrusted with implementing the social sector strategy within the emirate. Aligned with its well-defined strategy aimed towards enhancing service quality and fostering a cohesive society, the DCD remains committed to elevating the overall quality of life for families.

She added: “We congratulate the Department of Community Development for launching the 'Medeem' initiative,' which encourages the formation and growth of the UAE's families and contributes to facilitating marriage planning through a range of programs and services. These initiatives promote familial unity in accordance with authentic Emirati values, as well as the objectives of the Abu Dhabi Family Quality Strategy.”

Moreover, H.E commended the endeavours of FDF for its commitment to pursue the path laid out by H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, ‘Mother of the Nation', since its inception in 2006. This dedication is aimed at realising Her Highness's visionary aspirations for fostering stability, protection, and security throughout society. Such dedication reinforces our resolve to drive our efforts in extending support to all members of society and tackling the challenges facing the future of our youth, as they play a key role in building strong families that advance societal progress and develop the nation.

“We are committed to taking proactive measures, guided by the directives of Her Highness and the vision of our wise leadership, which recognise families as the cornerstone of a unified society,' she added.

She further highlighted the significance of the FDF's ‘Social Media Platform' in reflecting societal realities, addressing pressing issues and fulfilling the needs of the community. Exceptional achievements have been made in its inaugural edition with the launch of the 'Parenthood We Aspire To' campaign, followed by the successful initiation of the 'Online Safety for Responsible Community' campaign in its second edition. Today, FDF remains steadfast in its pursuit of success, dedicated to preserving family stability and fostering community cohesion by encouraging young adults to embrace marriage and create happy families that contribute to the advancement of both society and the nation.

Al Rumaithi said: “With dedication, sincerity, and accountability, we pledge our commitment to the directives of H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, ‘Mother of the Nation'. In line with this commitment, we have launched the social media campaign 'Kindness and Mercy' to underscore the significance of preparing the youth for a healthy and happy family life. This initiative aims to inspire young adults to promote family values, alleviate societal pressures, reduce expenditures, and appreciate the role of families as the bedrock of society. Furthermore, the campaign aims to foster a positive attitude towards marriage among young adults, nurturing a generation that values the institution of marriage as the foundation to family building and stability. Additionally, it seeks to catalyse societal shifts in attitudes and customs that may affect marriage, further fostering a supportive environment for family formation.”

Her Excellency further emphasised the necessity of educating the younger generation in planning their marriage and family growth at the right age, in keeping with astute plans and indicators. In addition, she highlighted the importance of complementary working methods in order to lower the high rates of divorce among newlyweds. Policies supporting and encouraging marriage must also be adopted, and community initiatives focused on lowering the high costs and expenses of marriage – especially for women – must be launched. In order to preserve their standard of living and stability of their families, married people must also have access to packages of social, economic, and residential benefits and services.

Mariam Al Rumaithi expressed her gratitude to H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, ‘Mother of the Nation', for her tireless dedication and visionary directives aimed at driving societal advancement and achieving stability across diverse social groups. She acknowledged Her Highness's long-standing support, invaluable guidance, and constant vigilance on societal needs. Additionally, she extended heartfelt appreciation for Her Highness's proactive approach in addressing challenges that hinder both national progress and the well-being of all citizens.

Al Rumaithi expressed her gratitude to His Excellency Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Chairman of the Department of Community Development - Abu Dhabi, for his role in organising social sector initiatives within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. She also extended appreciation to Ali Salem Al Kaabi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Family Development Foundation, for his directives and active involvement in advancing the foundation's projects and enhancing staff capabilities, thereby fortifying family stability, and promoting community unity.

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