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Dubai, UAE – 07 February, 2024 – With Valentines Day just around the corner, premium cookie brand – cookie conspiracy has introduced 12 unique flavours exclusively created for the special day each flavour designed for a different emotion that is felt.   

Far from your ordinary cookie experience, envision a 140-gram delight boasting flavour combinations that evoke the sweet nostalgia of your favourite treats. A little extra but totally unique, the 160-gram handmade cookies, curated from your favourite childhood flavours. Each cookie is individually sealed to ensure optimum freshness, providing a delicious experience with every bite. Each flavour is an exclusive, limited-time 'drop.' Rare and unique, every drop features 12 distinct flavours that leave you yearning for more. The catch? Once the drop has closed, those flavours are gone forever. 

Below are the 12 flavours with a Valentines Day twist:

The friend zone - Enjoy the timeless elegance with our classic Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookie.  Experience the velvety decadence of premium Belgian chocolate, expertly folded into each exquisite bite. The Belgian chocolate transforms a simple treat into a luxurious delight.

Don't fluff this up! - Indulge in the nutty richness of velvety peanut butter and the cloud-like sweetness of marshmallow folded through our distinctive dough.

Sugar coat it - A soft, indulgent cookie generously filled with the vibrant essence of raspberry jam, creating a burst of fruity sophistication. The velvety sweetness of premium white chocolate unfolds, adding a layer of creamy opulence. To complete this exquisite treat, the exterior is adorned with a delicate coating of cinnamon sugar, offering a perfect balance of warmth and sweetness.

Forget me not - A soft, buttery cookie adorned with a playful array of vibrant, rainbow-colored sprinkles and luxurious smooth Belgium white chocolate all folded into our distinctive dough

Green with envy - Our distinctive dough infused with the highest quality matcha, offering a sophisticated and earthy essence balanced out by the sweetness of the Belgium chocolate.

Things go bump in the night - A base of our rich distinctive cacao dough. A delightful fusion of intense freeze-dried sour cherries and succulent glazed cherries, creating a burst of sweet and tart sophistication. As the crowning glory, picture a dollop of Jerry jam enhancing the dough to the next level, adorned with a fresh, plump cherry on top. A final touch of elegance comes in the form of a delicate dusting of icing sugar

I like you berry much - Our signature dough is adorned with freeze-dried raspberries and the velvety richness of premium Belgian milk chocolate. To elevate this masterpiece, picture a whole fresh raspberry, delicately dipped in luscious milk chocolate, and dusted in pink edible glitter.

With you I can't go wrong - A rich cacao-infused dough, generously stuffed with velvety Belgian chocolate and a luscious chocolate ganache center. A lavish topping of crushed Oreos, perched on a bed of smooth Belgian milk chocolate.

Minty fresh kisses - Fresh mint aroma invites you to taste this smooth, sweet, rich and cool cookie. This fine dark chocolate melts gloriously, leaving a fresh sensation on the tongue that awakens the senses and coming back for more.

Blue without you - Fresh blueberries is delicately folded into our distinctive dough. Inside, discover a luscious blueberry filling that bursts with natural sweetness. As the pièce de resistance, envision a golden, buttery sugary crumble topping, adding a perfect touch of indulgence.

Roses are red - Indulge in our Red Velvet and White Chocolate Cookie, where a luscious Nutella filling awaits within. Picture the rich red velvet dough, its vibrant hue concealing a velvety center of Nutella bliss. A perfect union of textures and indulgent ingredients in our distinctive dough.

Puppy love -A soft, cinnamon-kissed snickerdoodle, generously studded with the tart sweetness of cranberries and the rich crunch of pecans. As the final touch, picture the entire creation delicately rolled in our signature cinnamon sugar, enhancing each bite with a perfect balance of sweetness and spice.


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Posted on : Wednesday, February 7, 2024  
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