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Experts in the field of computers and IT
GoDubai Helpdesk
Computer Experts
Internet, Networking and Data base
Masters in Computers
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What people are asking GoDubai Helpdesk...
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1. Q: Mr
 What are the prospects for a Telecoms Engineer with 7years Experience in terms of Salary and job opportunity...
2. Q: Salary Question
 Hi, I'm coming to Dubai for an IT job. I wanna ask if how much should be my minimum monthly salary if I am going to brin..
3. Q: webdesign
  i am anxious to make a webpage but i want some sites that show samples on how to start and make a web page. please tel..
4. Q: Yasin
 I am geetting a error while sending email using Outlook express. The error number 0X800CCC0F. Please help..
5. Q: Software programer job
 I am in to software programming ( system Analyst) having 3 yrs experience in India. I want to take up job in Sharja/Duba..
6. Q: Hunt for Dedicated IP in UAE
 Would be greatful if someone could help me out with info about "UAE based Dedicated IP providers" on annual or..
8. Q: Job
 Hi, I am a software engineer with 3 years of experience in software Testing and Quality Assurance etc.Will i get a ..
9. Q: Real Job 4 Real Income
 what is yopur name..
10. Q: Question about Hard Disk
 I want to give net users my hard disk space on payment like netdrive.com or xdrive.com How can I do that? Pls h..
11. Q: SAP R3 Expert
 Hello, how can I get in contact with companies running SAP Software. I'm a very experienced SAP R/3 Consultant and l..
13. Q: Sam
 What salary should i expect if i plan for dubai being a web developer with 2.5 yrs of experience and about 16 projects i..
14. Q: help !!!!!!
 Hi i need to share my windows xp laptop with my windows 2000 desktop connceting them through a cat 6 cable . I got the p..
15. Q: help needed
 Hi i need to share my windows xp laptop with my windows 2000 desktop connceting them through a cat 6 cable . I need to k..
16. Q: Drop down menus on the net
 Hi, I find the drop down menus in search engines which give all the items u hav searched for on Internet Explorer ve..
17. Q: Employment Agencies: Nigerian Programmer
  Hello, I am a computer programmer specialising in Microsoft visual basic(MCP). I live in Nigeria and was at Dubai in D..
18. Q: Computer equipment
 Do you know places in Dubai where one can buy computers and their equipments as well?..
19. Q: Internet Cafes
 What is the scope in Dubai for internet cafes? What is the whole procedure of starting up a business in this field?..
20. Q: virus
 mine is an acer model pent 4. the thing is i thing i have a virus in my comp. there was a mail that i got in my inbox. t..
21. Q: Internet Access
 I am trying to use Etisalat's Dial and Surf internet access. I have set my modem to dial the specified number and I get ..
22. Q: Expat Work Possibility?
 Salaam, I am currently an I.T. Contractor in the UK. I work in Networking and Support. I specialise in Desktop Suppor..
23. Q: Formatting
 how can i format my laptop?..
24. Q: scandisk
 Since past few days whenever i start my PC it goes to chek for scand isk n then run surface scan. Can u tell me what..
 Dear Sirs, I am Kadhar Kani.A from Southern India. I am a diploma holder in electronics and communication ..
26. Q: microsoft degrees
 hey this is the second time i ask u to tell me where can i take the exam mcse in dubai? the exact place of it in dubai..
27. Q: Sudden Stop!
 Dear Sir/Madam, Hello! I have this problem in my CDRW which is suddenly when I was writing on it; it suddenly s..
28. Q: java
 how can i make something on java ? which software do i need and what skills do i need to make a java movie thing i mean ..
29. Q: software Engineer
 I am a software engineer with 3 years of experience in different latest technology like EJb,com etc.Will i get a job in ..
30. Q: computer hardware & networking
 is there any jobs available in future for computer data entry operators & computer hardware & networking enggineers in ..
31. Q: Networkadministrator
 Hello Im from germany Im certified from Microsoft, LINUX and Novell. I have a training as Network Administrator for di..
 Dear Sirs, My husband is a computer software architect in Minnesota. We would really like to move to Dubai. D..
33. Q: Job Seeker
 My Name is Kegan Holtzhausen, I am a Network Administrator for Linux, Microsoft. I am looking for work in an ISP in duba..
34. Q: Job Search
 As-salam-alaikum, I am Ayubkhan, I am a Computer Network Sytem engineer, Working in Saudi Arabia contractor is Dubai..
35. Q: Seeking job in DXB on visit
 Hello, I am a IT Profeesional having 3 yrs experience in Web Design/Web services sales plus 3 yrs in packaging ..
36. Q: Jobs in IT in Dubai
 Hi all, I'm trying to find a site that may be able to help me find work in IT in Dubai. I'm an experienced Unix Admin gu..
37. Q: web server location
 Can we know the geographical location of a web server with IP address.My host say they have web server in Canada. Is the..
38. Q: IP address
 My web hostin co say they give me a dedicated IP address. How can I check that is is not shared by other websites. W..
39. Q: Macromedia flash course
 Dear sir, I am an Iranian web designer.I would like to know if there is a Macromedia flash course in Dubai...
40. Q: boolean algebric calculations
 Does the computer calculates the multiplications table in boolean form as for eg. if 23*45 is to be calculated then does..
41. Q: Job Search
 I am M.C.S (masters of computer science from Karachi University, Pakistan) have 2+ years of experience in software devel..
42. Q: Job Search
 I have done BE computers from Madras University last year i.e 2000.I have 1 year experience in programming .though i can..
43. Q: How?!
 Mr Kabir Assalam Aleekom Is it true that only Hotmail can be run through outlook express? If not, how I can run ..
44. Q: How?!
 OS WIN95,,,, when double clicking on any folder, and instead of opening that folder, the FIND dialog box activated ...
45. Q: want to wor k in dubai as acomputer engineering
47. Q: Should I choose IT
 Hey can u help me in figuring whoch field should I choose for my future, coz I'm really confused about it..Will IT be th..
48. Q: Computer Certificates..!
 Hi..! I'd like to know that when you do courses such as MCSE,CIW,MCP,etc,.... Do you have to write these exams ..
49. Q: Wants to get admission in MCS in UAE
 i have a BCS degree from pakistan and now i want to get admission in MCS in UAE.Can you give me the info abut the month ..
50. Q: internet
 iwouldliketo know if someone else also can and log in when i am on line and use my internet..
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