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Experts in the field of Medicine
Dorothy Fernandes
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
High risk pregnancy, Menstrual disorder, Uterine & ovarian tumor, Operative gynaecology, Infertility
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What people are asking Dorothy Fernandes...
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1. Q: marriage witohut sex
 i am 22 years old and have been married since 5months .My problem is i have not been able to have sex till now .Though w..
3. Q: Uterine abnormalities
 Dear Doctor My husband and I are moving to Dubai in December. I am currently 4mths pregnant and will require special..
4. Q: Once again...
 Dear Doctor, I gave birth to a baby boy on 1st Dec 2006 by emergency caeserean. He weighd 4.1kgs and measured 5..
5. Q: Mrs.
 Dr.Doctor, I am 38weeks pregnant and my baby is 3.3kgs already. I am 5ft tall, what are my chances of having a norma..
6. Q: Dear Dr.,
 Hi doctor, i am a divorced lady, age 30, I do not have any kids. I feel a ball or a lump in my right breast since 2 yea..
7. Q: Hair removable
 Dear Doctor I 32,I am pregnant 4 week. I have too much of facial hair, during pregnacy can I pluck it? pls answ..
8. Q: Aspirin during pregnancy
 please could you answer my question regarding when to stop taking the 75mg Aspirin if prescribed in pregnancy due to a p..
9. Q: is it possible???
 Hi Dr. My periods date was between 11-13th of every month and it was regular since 3-4 months after i had delivered baby..
10. Q: Post Pregnancy
 I delivered a baby 5 months back by C-section. I just started exercising yesterday and got my periods that night itself...
11. Q: Mayonaise, tea and flu shots
 Dear Dr, I would like to know if it is safe to have upto 2 cups of tea a day and to have mayonaise. Also I will be ..
12. Q: Coffee
 Dear Doctor, I used to drink a cup of coffee before I got preganant. But after that I had completly stopped cof..
13. Q: Hormone Replacement
 My wife's US Dr has prescribed bioidentical hormones for hormone replacement therapy. Is this prescription available in..
14. Q: 8 months pregnant
 Dear Doctor, I am 8 months pregnant. I have a lot of problems at home. My husband keeps torturing me for silly ..
15. Q: Face bleach
 Dear Doctor, I am 8 months pregnant now. By god's grace everything till now has gone fine. I have a query wheth..
16. Q: contraception
 there is this medicine by the name of yasmin for contraception.if u think ur pregnant and u want to use that medicine fo..
17. Q: birth control pills
 Dear Dr.Fernandes, I would just like to ask if you would be able to prescribe birth control pills for me (to prevent..
18. Q: TORCh
 Hi I am 33 yrs old.I got miscarriage in 6th month of my pregnancy.now 4 yrs over.I went to doctor for doing some ch..
19. Q: Vaccinations During Pregnancy
 Hello Dr, I am 27 weeks pregnant. I didnot get any vaccinations done until now. Some say tetanus is compulsory durin..
20. Q: follow up
 Sorry to disturb you again, but i forgot to ask you two questions during the consultation today in jumeira. I have been..
21. Q: please reply v soon
 I have missed my period up to 1 week.I have done 4 home pregnancy tests (thw first was very v faint positive,the next st..
22. Q: Ovaries
 Dear Doctor, I have Polycystic Ovaries & the Left side has about 8 cm Cyst on it. I have been advised by a Nur..
23. Q: Planing for the second baby
 Hi Doctor, We are planning for the second baby. We have a 2.5 year daugher now. Please let me know whether we c..
 Hello Dr. I am 32 weeks pregnant and have been suffering from EXTREME dry skin on my feet for maybe 2 months now. This..
25. Q: Laproscopy
 Dear Doctor, I have been advised by my Doctor to do Laproscopy as sson as possible as the Cyst in left ovaries has ..
26. Q: White discharge
 My daughter is 8 yrs old and lately she has been complaining of white/ yellowish discharge. she feels uncomfortable as i..
27. Q: Frequent Ultrsounds
 Doctor, I am pregnant of 20 weeks now. I reside here in Ajman. I visit the obstetrician after every 3 weeks now. The pro..
28. Q: Smell
 Hi doc I am 32.few days back i got sivier head ach,then I got cold.now i am not able to smell anything.no smell for ..
29. Q: Having sex during pregnancy
 Dear Doctor, I am 15 weeks pregnant now. I have had a miscarriage before this. Please let me know as to how is ..
30. Q: irregular periods
 Iam having irregular periods nd from last 6 months the 1st and 2nd day of period ihave high fever with chills,sore throa..
31. Q: duphaston
 I woud like to ask ou about duphaston tablets. I have been taking these for about 3-4 days twice a day,due to bleeding. ..
32. Q: bleeding in pregnancy
 I am in early pregnancy, LMP26mar2006. and had tightness and pain mainly on one side. However, the pain has got alot les..
33. Q: Breast feeding
 Dear Doctor, Priyanka here. My baby is almost 5 months old. (you had delivered him - DOB.17.12.2005 at AHD)and I have st..
34. Q: abnormal ultrasound result
 I have had a ultrasound scan done because i had pain remining in my lower right side of pelvis, this was after a urine i..
35. Q: infertility
 hi dr i am 20 years married we are suffering from infertilty i would like to go through treatment so can i consult u do ..
36. Q: problem with my 5years old daughter
 hi DR.DOROTHY for last few days i am checking my daughter's penty she is having some discharge on her penty she is ..
37. Q: Breastfeeding
 Hi doc, I am one of your patients. My baby is 5 months now, she is being exclusively breastfed and I have just introduc..
38. Q: High uterus in pregnancy
 Hello Dr. I am 26 years old and am exactly 20 weeks pregnant. On my visit to the gynac yesterday, she told me t..
39. Q: breast milk
 Dear Doctor, How are you?Wish you a happy easter. You delivered me on 17th Dec'05 (Csection) at AH.I was breast fee..
 I think i may be pregnant. I live in th greens and am quite worried about which hospital and antenatal doctor to go for ..
41. Q: Tube test
 My sister in India has married for 3 1/2 yrs and not been able to conceive.She has done all the tests.According to that..
42. Q: Air travel during pregnancy
 Is it safe to travel by plane during pregnancy? Which painkillers are relatively safe to take in pregnancy for ongoing b..
43. Q: Periods
 Dear Doctor, How are you?I delivered on 17th dec'05.I had bleeding till 24th Jan'06.Thereafter, it started again on ..
44. Q: extremely short cycle menstration
 hi i am 20 years old and been experiencing a short cycle i only got 15 days interval then after that my menstration will..
45. Q: advice
 I had ezetimibe tabs 10mg which i had been given for cholestrol(loosing weight) for 14 days prior confirmed pregnancy,..
46. Q: urine leakeage
 hi...am 22 years old and going to be married this year...i hope u can help me out in my problem which is really troublin..
47. Q: Progesterone during early pregnancy
 Hi Dr, Laura has been prescript with progesterone at 7 weeks pregnancy. Her new Dr says it won't hurt if her progesteron..
48. Q: conceiving
 Dear Doctor, What is the probability of a person conceiving on the 7th day of onset of period?i.e. 2-3 days after p..
49. Q: Ms
 Dear Doc, Hullo again! When I last wrote to you I was 10 weeks pregnant. That pregnancy was not successful and I was tol..
50. Q: restored hymen
 Dr. I know a young Iraqi lady who had a traumatic experience and would like to restore her hymen. Can you do his type ..
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