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Experts in the field of Beauty and Fashion
Mohan Rangaswamy
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Cosmetic: Body contouring surgery (liposuction), Breast aesthetic surgery
MBBS, MS NB Dip., FRCS, MCh (Plastic Surgery)
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What people are asking Mohan Rangaswamy...
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1. Q: hi
 i have chicken pox marks on my face i want to get rid of. is it possible? i am 26 yrs old and had chicken poc whn i was ..
2. Q: no freshness on face?
 after my miscarriage my face has no freshness plz suggest sumthing...?..
3. Q: skin problem
 hi Dr.Mohan, i have this problem for past few months, i have thick hairs on my chin part i uae to takeout those hai..
4. Q: Inquire
 Hello I am coming to visit Dubai from the 16020 in Jul I would like to proceed with have liposuction procedure is this p..
5. Q: general
 I am looking to have plastic surgery, I would like a buttock agumentaion, and a tummy tuck, could you recommend ways I c..
6. Q: bat ear
 hi im 23 years of age and i have prominent ears.What could be the treatment and how much would be the cost, i know that ..
7. Q: Over weight
 I am 29 year old men my weight is 99 to 101 in different days everybody is says u are too fat but ididnt take breakfast..
8. Q: "Tummy Tuck"
 How long in advance must an appointment be made? ..
9. Q: "Tummy Tuck"
 What is the cost (more or less)for a tummy tuck? ..
10. Q: "Tummy Tuck"
 I had a baby 25 May 2005 delivered by C-section and would like to know how soon it can be done after this. ..
11. Q: Allergy
 Nowdays my skin starts itching and once I scratc red marks all over the place where I have scratched comes and the skin ..
12. Q: Cost and time for lipo + tummy tuck
 Hello doctor, Could you please let me know as to much would lipo suctions (tummy + thighs + chest + back) cost and ..
13. Q: Rhinoplasty
 Hi, i am 23 year old girl, i want to get a nose job done.....but i am ust too scared. the tip of my nose is ver..
14. Q: Miss
 I am 33 and have always suffered from dark shadows and under eye bags. I do not smoke and have a good healthy diet but n..
15. Q: otoplasty
 How much approx. could it cost to do otoplasty what time estimate in the OT room?..
16. Q: Ahmed
 sir i had asked u a question didnt get the reply .once again i'll ask sir.i've got deep pores on my face cos of pimple s..
17. Q: deepak
 sir i had asked u a question didnt get the reply .once again i'll ask sir.i've got deep pores on my face cos of piple sc..
18. Q: scars
 I have depressed/sunkin post acne scars. Whats the bet treatment for achieving 25 to 50% results, I do not wish to go f..
19. Q: Scars
 Hi, My major problem in life is that a lot of scars on my fave which makes me look ugly. These either thru nail marks, c..
20. Q: Rhinoplasty
 I am looking for a surgeon in Dubai to do rhinoplasty. Would you recommend an ENT/surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon who spec..
21. Q: liposuction
 hello... i am 23 yrs old. my height is about 5 2' and i weigh about 44-45 kgs. to tell u the truth i am very happy w..
22. Q: Liposuction
 I would like make an liposuction only on my inner thigh. How much would the cost of it be more or less?..
23. Q: Nose correction
 Hi doc, I'm a 16 y/o female and I'm willing to go for a rhinoplasty surgery. My nose's problem is that the tip is fat an..
24. Q: nose trouble!!!
 hi, im a 24 yrs. old pakistani living in Dubai for the pas t 4 yrs. i just wanted to know how much it will cost me for a..
25. Q: mrs nishidha
 Dear Doctor, Hi, I am 26yr old lady & I have a cellulite problem. The area of cellulite is that small that I'd be ab..
26. Q: Hair Removal
 Hi, What is the best way of removing hair from a man's body, especially in the butt and penis areas?..
27. Q: scar on left chick
 helo doc i am 21 m stunent of engineering from india . since birth i am having a scar (sort of extra skin of 1/4t..
28. Q: face contour
 Hello doctor, I would like to brief my case to you, kindly hoping for your expertise advice, & thanking your pr..
29. Q: dry skin
 i have dry skin on face. sometimes the skin starts shedding near my nose and cheeks. i use creams like Nivea but dont fi..
30. Q: tummy tuck/liposuction
 need to remove the extra fat deposit, weigh approx 100 kgs want a body weight of least 60 to 65 kgs doc..
31. Q: Mr.
 i am an indian,19 years,male. i have a big lower lip. do you have any experience with lip reduction treatment and how mu..
32. Q: hands problem
 my hands are very dry and rough and around nail area its very dry and flaky what can i do..
33. Q: Tummy Tuck/Breast lift
 Der-matolipectomy and breast surgery for lifting the breast ptosis or hanging breasts. Pls inform me about the proce..
34. Q: Regarding cellulite reducation
 Hello Dr., Im 17 yrs of age, 163cms and 90Kgs.Which obviously means I'm overweight.Buta majority of this unwanted ma..
35. Q: Liposuction
 Dear Dr. Mohan, I been trying to have a liposuction specially on my tummy as well as the back of my arms. Will you ..
36. Q: breast uplift
 i have read that cost of breast uplift is13000 - 16000, which is quite expensive, is there any chance to get payment fac..
37. Q: Working Proposal
 Sir, I am a doctor of Bangladesh.Wants to work with you.How can it possible Sir? ..
38. Q: Best Surgeon Within Dubai
 i would like to do liposuction surgery and i am trying to look for list of doctors to choos one. can you tell me please ..
39. Q: Patch and pigmentation
 Dear Mohan, My skin is smooth but i have patchy dark spot either by pigmentation or scars, 1. is there permanen..
40. Q: debrassion
 Doc, What r the charges for debrassion. although my sking is smooth enough, I am still looking for perfection!..
41. Q: Botox & Laser Resurfacing
 I have had an upper and lower (transcon) blepharoplasty in April 2002. This left me with more wrinkles on my lower lids..
42. Q: pimple marks problem
 i am 27 yrs old between the age of 16-25 i had severe pimple problem which have left the marks on my face is it possible..
43. Q: Tummy tuck
 Hi doc, I am a 25 yrs old woman, with two kids. I am 5.4 and weigh 62 kgs. My tummy seems to be loose... would u advice ..
44. Q: Nose Surgery
 i m a pakistani 20 years old male residing in Ajman. my problem is that i have a huge sized nose, the bone is also thick..
45. Q: liposuction and tummy tuck
 Dear Doctor, I am a woman of 38yrs and have 3 kids, my tummy sags alot, i had tubeligation done in '98, i weigh 81 ..
46. Q: nose surgery
47. Q: Nose surgery
 Dear Dr. Mohan Rangaswamy, i am 17 and half years old and i am seriously considering nose surgery (restructuring of the ..
48. Q: stretch marks
 i have very bad stretch marks, can plastic sergeury,or tato concept to color the affected area help !!!..
49. Q: Sag
 Dear Dr., I am 23, Got married 1 yrs back. I am 5 ft 5 in & 91 Kgs. I have natural 42 B breast but the problem is that t..
50. Q: Weight gain after tummy tuck
 Hello Doctor, At 28 yrs, I am 5"1, and weight 89 kgs after 2 children. a) do you recommend tummy tuck as a..
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